PATTERN - Simple Pouch Phany Creations

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Here is a FREE pattern of a simple case.
Once you have gone through the normal purchase steps (yes it is free) you will have a download link for the PDF pattern.

Recommended fabrics:
100% cotton canvas
Zip 35cm and more

Required amount of fabrics:
Interior: 1/8m

Outside: 1/8m

Sewing tutorial available here:[0]=AZWeBr8J1sV7OFWrocJ9d_1kBPvzW14qrIz9RygpjFrPvmXlY_mfg_cfvLjBsOf-kUFnDV1h2ds7JHwqVJG8jpuCeOxiKUT3qdQcOP_wQNK1N-P1NStkFEieZaIQiGaBR44&__tn__=R]-R