What is sewing in 2023??

There culture of there sewing To GOOD exchange At thread of the years . We could even say that she _ To suffered  A rejuvenation radical !

When we _ think To there sewing , we sees a Mom Who sews of the clothes To his children In THE aim of save some dollars In THE budget family . No wonder, when home economics classes once taught us how to sew underwear! But what about today??

With the arrival of ''handmade'' Quebec, a new culture has settled near the appearance of sewing! Indeed, as a society we have developed a love for our products '' made here by the world from here ''! And clothes are no exception. But let's face it, products from here cost much more than products from elsewhere, and with good reason!

Except... who hasn't thought ''ppffff.... $50 for a sweater, might as well do it myself, after all, it can't be that complicated!? ''

As soon as you have said that to yourself, you already have one foot in the infernal sewing spiral! Because yes, sewing is an addiction. An addiction to our creativity, to our self-esteem, to the gifts we like to give that are made with all our love! This is what sewing is in 2023, a medication against stress, against anxiety.. a way to value yourself, to have fun! It is not for nothing that more and more, the average age of recreational seamstresses is decreasing. Becoming the fashion designer we dreamed of when we were young and the pride that comes with the accomplishment of wearing your own clothes is a dream now achievable!!!!

Unfortunately, the purchase of fabric does not pass on health insurance! Because yes, in general, the fabric is expensive. But like everything, there are ways to save.. like running clearances, salvaging old clothes for their fabrics, going in plains, etc. Everyone can find their account!

So although sewing was once a way to save, today it is more synonymous with a hobby, an activity for personal well-being and surpassing oneself! Which makes it, unfortunately in more difficult times, less accessible to all.

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    Simone: May 01, 2023

    Formidablement vrai

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