How we work

Phany Créations has its very own and undoubtedly extraordinary operation!

One of the reasons our fabrics are coveted works of art is because we design our own designs ! Besides, we very rarely print the same pattern several times. We love the concept of perpetual novelty. Our patterns come out all the more rare and special !

Our general operation in 2023:
Since January 2023, the economy has forced us to abandon stock fabrics to return to the pre-order system. Unfortunately, we will no longer hold new stock for an indefinite time. Do not hesitate to look in the stock sections, we still have several patterns available in several stock fibers!

So our 2023 operation will be in the form of pre-orders every month! Each month, 8 to 12 new patterns will be made available to you as well as 5 old patterns that we will reprint! So YES we continue to draw the new arrivals!!

Following the processing of orders made in pre-order, the surplus quantities ordered will be put on sale on the website in restock. But beware, quantities will be LIMITED! If you have a crush, do not miss the pre-order, because it is not guaranteed to come back!

Summer pre-orders:
We occasionally open summer pre-orders with designs chosen by ourselves on seasonal fibers. Example, the swim/boardshort in the summer, softshell/fleece athletic in the winter.

Special projects:
We also have some special projects like our Doudou project 1x per year.