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Who is behind Phany Creation?
Hello, my name is Stéphanye, I am 29 years old. I am a mother of 2 young boys. I am also a former intensive care nurse. I have no training in entrepreneurship or design! But my whole life revolves around creation. Since my childhood, drawing has always taken an important place. Then painting as a teenager, scrapbooking, DIY... As a young adult, I got into stained glass! And with the arrival of my first child came sewing! While on maternity leave, I started my first business, a clothing business. It was with this company that I started creating my own designs. Then a few years later, I separated from the father of my children, and this period ended my business.
I then sold designs to fabric companies, I worked as a graphic designer for one of them before starting myself!

What is Phany creation?
A Sherbrooke company, the company was born in 2019. At the very beginning, this company only sold designs for printing on fabrics. Since about July 2019, we have been printing on fabrics ourselves with a Chinese company and since 2021 certain fibers in Quebec.

Our corporate values ​​are authenticity, exclusivity and community spirit. We remain true to ourselves, without mask, without artifice. We mainly stand out for our unique designs. Each design is our creation. Sometimes fully drawn, sometimes assembled from files, one thing is for sure, you won't see them anywhere else. And finally, we like to share with our customers! On our Facebook group (link at the bottom of the page), you will find creations with the patterns used, contests, creative demos, crafts for children and everyone is invited to share with the community!

We have recently moved away from pre-orders in favor of ''in stock'' fabrics. We have a functioning of our own that I invite you to discover through the page ''Our functioning''.

Phany Creation was born from a passion and will always remain a passion!